About costgard – The UK Business Utilities Experts

Did you know that the majority of businesses in the UK pay over the odds for their UK business utilities? Many businesses could save at least 25% on their utility bills and sometimes more.


With over 17 years’ experience in the UK business utilities industry, costgard will ensure that you can take advantage of the best prices, services and suppliers out there. Not only can we save your business money, but we also monitor the accounts for you, saving you both time and hassle.

We support businesses in finding the correct UK commercial utilities supplier and telecoms. Plus we recommend renewable energy suppliers for eco-minded businesses.

Our knowledge of the constantly changing UK business utilities market gives us the best grounding to support your business in switching to more beneficial contracts.

We know there’s a lot to consider when choosing suppliers, so we work with you to find the ones best suited for your business – and we monitor all the accounts for you! It couldn’t be simpler.

Commercial Energy Prices

UK Business Utilities & Commercial Utilities

We have strong relationships with UK business utilities suppliers to ensure that we can offer you the best packages, prices and services. We can help you avoid the impact of rising commercial utilities prices, and we do not charge you a management fee, nor take a share of your savings. We will consider the market as a whole to gain you the best deals available to match your business requirements.

We can save you time as well by managing all of your UK commercial utilities supplies for you, ensuring that you can get on with what really matters…your business. We ensure a smooth supply transition and work to resolve any issues and errors on your behalf.

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Why Choose Us For Commercial Utilities?

costgard is an independent UK business utilities service helping and supporting businesses to find better and more appropriate commercial utilities and suppliers of electricity, gas, renewable energy and telecoms.

Average client savings of 24.6%

No Obligation Audit

Account Management

17 Years Experience in the Industry

We match suppliers to your business

Access to Niche Energy Suppliers

Help in filtering information

Independent Advisors