Automatic Meter Reading & Smart Meter

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We know the industry inside out. Our knowledge of the business electricity supplier industry means we can use our foresight to ensure you can utilise the best options for you and your business. Timing is everything, so if we see potential changes in the near future we can help you to react and make any necessary moves to keep you enjoying the best business electricity prices.

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What Are Smart Meters?

Smart meters, also known as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) are clever little devices which allow remote collection of non-half hourly consumption data.

A Smart Meter works by communicating directly with your business energy supplier – this can be done through long wave radio, or via a built-in Sim card (similar to the workings of a mobile phone).

Once your data intervals have been agreed – every half-hour if required – you will be able to have a more complete understanding of your energy consumption.

What Benefits Do Smart Meters Offer Me?

Avoided Data Collection Problems

Improved Invoice Accuracy

Better Budgeting Energy Costs

Accurate Carbon Reporting

Better Understanding of Your Consumption