Automatic Meter Reading & Smart Meter

We Know the Energy Industry

We know the industry inside out. Our knowledge of industry means we can use our foresight to ensure you can utilise the best options for you and your business, whether this is recommending new equipment or technical advancements, or in supplier service changes that would benefit you. Timing is everything, so if we see industry changes that could benefit your company, we can help you to react and make any necessary moves or implement any changes necessary to ensure your business is as efficient as it possibly can be.

Experts in energy so you don’t have to be.


Smart Meters:

Smart Meters automatically send your meter reading to your supplier, wirelessly, so that you do not have to submit meter readings and you always get an accurate electricity bill. Often they come with a monitor that will show you how much energy you are using, either in kWh or pounds and pence. Smart meters can be installed for  gas or electricity and usually for the domestic or smaller non-domestic supplies and SMEs.

AMR Meters:

Despite certain similarities, AMR devices and smart meters perform differently. They each utilise distinct technologies and offer different benefits. Consumption information is still sent directly to the supplier so that manual meter readings are no longer required. This means more accurate billing and the ability to manage your energy usage more effectively. AMR meters record the usage every half hour. We can use this information to work with you to manage your energy usage. Ask about our Energy Analysis software and management service.

What Benefits Do Smart or AMR Meters Offer Me?

Avoided Data Collection Problems

Improved Invoice Accuracy

Better Budgeting Energy Costs

Accurate Carbon Reporting

Better Understanding of Your Consumption