Bespoke Services for Every Size and Type of Business – making your business efficient and cost effective


costgard offer a range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes, complexities and disciplines. Whether you just want a comparison for a new or renewal contract, or a full energy management program, we have the answer for you.

BROKERAGE – for smaller businesses with usage of under 50,000 units or single meter sites.

  • Contract tendering and negotiation
  • Basic query handling
  • MOP / DC contract negotiation [where necessary]

ENERGY USAGE SERVICE – for multi-sites, multiple on site meters and clients with more complex needs.

  • Contract tendering and negotiation
  • Simple complaint resolution
  • Supplier liaison [meter reading submission, Change of Tenancy etc]
  • Bill validation
  • Bill management
  • Tenant re-charging
  • Invoice reporting
  • Portal access for energy reports [where MOP/DC agreement in place]

ENERGY MANAGEMENT  SERVICE – this if for clients with complex energy needs and higher usage who want to pro-actively manage their energy usage.

  • Contract tendering and negotiation
  • Complaint resolution
  • Supplier liaison [meter reading submissions, Change of Tenancy, Metering issues etc]
  • Bill validation
  • Bill management
  • Tenant re-charging
  • Invoice reporting
  • Market reports
  • Client portal access for energy reporting [where MOP/DC agreement in place]
  • Energy usage dashboard
  • Strategy and planning
  • Budget control


We can provide you with an in-depth report on your premises, equipment – including air conditioning and heating – best working practices and give you cost-saving solutions to ensure you are working as efficiently as possible. Good for your pocket and for the planet.

Why Not Have an Energy Audit?

Energy Analysis

Much as when we are asleep we burn a certain level of calories purely to keep our bodies functioning, so buildings have a baseline usage to keep them functioning overnight. By reducing your baseline usage you can save money on your energy with very little effort – and do your bit for the planet too!

By taking an in-depth look at your energy usage hour by hour we can ensure that you are in full control of your usage and measure any anomalies and check spikes in your usage.

We can also:

  • Eliminate unnecessary energy use
  • Move peak rate usage to cheaper rate times
  • Give you a better understanding of when and how you are using your energy
  • Help you properly budget for your energy spend
  • Avoid penalty charges for exceeding your capacity allowance
  • Find out and manage how seasonal changes affect your usage