How does costgard make money?

The suppliers you choose pay us a small standard commission for introducing or re-introducing your business. Even after taking that into account, because it is easier and cheaper for them to deal through us you will receive much better terms than you would get by approaching all the suppliers individually.

We make it easy for both parties. You get the best price and the supplier gets a low cost, trouble free sale. Our business reputation and growth depends on your continuing satisfaction and recommendations, so we always ensure we go the extra mile to make your energy choice simple and cost effective.

Who owns costgard?

costgard is a family owned business and is completely independent from the energy suppliers.

Do I get the full picture?

We analyse your requirements and put them to all the suppliers interested in your usage profiles.

We have open lines throughout the dealing day with the suppliers and know exactly how to consolidate, present, and package your requirements to each supplier to suit their own preferred marketing mix as it changes over time. Often we negotiate better rates from your existing supplier. All this translates to the most advantageous prices for you. You’re not committed to anything until you make the decision and sign the contract.

Who is my contract with?

costgard introduces you to the supplier(s) of your choice. Your contract is with them, in the normal way.

Have we answered your question? If not, please send us an email to info@costgard.co.uk or call us on 01460 282925 and we will be happy to help.